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5 years DFJ in Indonesia
Selasa, 15-05-2012 | 09:43 WIB

Early 2007, Me and some friends were reading a drumming magazine and we found out about Drummers for Jesus. Read about it and agree on what we are about to do, the same vision to “spread gospel through drumming”.Basically the idea is simple. We want a community to grow together, talk drum, we eat together, and include some drummer or musician or just anyone who care to join the community. When Carlos replied my email and gave us the “license” on 8th may 2007, we officially start the chapter. And the mission goes on..

Starts with contacting some drummer friend to gather in a local church or other venue like small studio or friend’s house over tea and coffee. Someone will share about his life and experience. And another guy will conduct a clinic on drumming. So its life and drums, “drumming and attitude” is how we call it.

Using the social media, friendster that time, we start to gather more attention and more friends from all over the nation, its proven that there are many drummers sharing the same passion. An effective media to send message, update, event/ gathering report and article.

Our aim in spreading the gospel is as simple as making more “DFJ” friend and welcoming everyone to the family, we gather-eat-play drums together. In DFJ Indonesia we see gospel, the good news not as usual church gathering or some religious activity, it should always be biblical/ gospel base, but the way we show it is more to “the love of God” that everybody drummers or not, Christian or not can experience, gospel not meant to be exclusive-inside the box, it is open and welcoming. Drum is the language. That’s how people from other island/ country can just come to our gathering, jam and laugh with us.

Now we have the official DFJ Indonesia official merchandise called DNA (Drumming N’ Attitude) ranging from drum stick, cases, t-shirt, car sign, etc. All the profit from the sales will go for DFJ and mission work. We support missionary to build school in developing region, people who are sick and need money, etc. Thank God that from drummer, all people can participate to bless others. We are blessed to be a blessing, amen?

As the chapter leader, I also want to reach the up coming drummer and local artist to convey the vision. Spread the love! You can always check our website dfjindo.com and join us in facebook (dfjindo) or twitter @dfjindo and if you are a blackberry user, invite us on your bb 32A6E4FB.
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